Art is the weapon

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Art is the weapon

So, I have offically decided I want to be an artist. I am going to art school. When I told my parents they looked at me like I was crazy, because it's not a standard, consistent occupation and they said I should "sleep on it." Anyhow, I am doing it because art is my passsion, and quite frankly I am good at "it". This girl in my class named Amanda (i call her Tall Shady, because she is tall and shady as fuck) and I are art buddies. She such an amazing drawer/sketcher/whateveryouwannacallit.
MJ (M Jasus), Amanda (Tall Shady), and Issy (Frankie [Me]) (hell yeah I am Frankie! I don't even know where it came from, probably cause I'm short and crazy) run around my school like the weirdst fools and I don't care. Those are my girls and I love them.

The title is the words I live by...

Well thats all for now folks!


--Decmeber Lithium--