Went to another concert!! Really hope there are some FUN. fans to read this!!

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Went to another concert!! Really hope there are some FUN. fans to read this!!

So...on Wednesday, January 23, my roommate and I traveled for 4 hours to go see Fun. in St. Paul Minnesota. We left at 6:00am, got to my roommate's grandparents' house around ten minutes before 11:00am and then left right away to the Roy Wilkin's Auditorium. We got there a little after 11:00 and we were the FIRST ones there to wait for a concert that wasn't supposed to start until 7:00 so an 8 hour wait. Luckily the line was indoors thank god, because if you are from Minnesota, you know how extremely awful our winters are.

We waited for about an hour before another fan showed up. And this fan was awesome. He was a 35 year old openly gay man who was super friendly named Peter (who the credit of these amazing photos goes to). He immediately started chatting with us saying how he was glad he wasn't the only one who decided to show up early. The reason he was so awesome though is that first he showed us all these pictures of him with bands he had met (but they were lesser known indie bands). He explained to us that his friends loved it when he went to concerts with them because lucky things always happened when he was there. He's gotten to hang out with bands, got a kiss from a lead singer, gotten autographs, all the works.

We were curious as to where the line started because we were so early that they hadn't really set anything up yet. So Peter went and asked one of the workers (who had already seen my roommate and I waiting outside the doors for awhile) if he knew where the line started, so the guy said he'd ask for us. He kept talking to different staff members walking around and kept mentioning how we had gotten there at 11:00am (he told us the key was to talk to the staff). Later more fans finally started showing up and some ladies had come and set up ropes for the line and thus we were able to take our place at the front. Peter also kept telling us how he would make sure no one went in front of us or anything like that because he respected fans and their dedication of coming early. (but all of the fans that met us at the start were super friendly and understood how long we had been waiting). Eventually though as the line grew longer, we saw that some radio stations had done some give aways for meet and greet tickets and a chance to watch the sound check live and get autographs and stuff. We were worried that there would be no more spots at the front because we assumed all those people would get to stay in there but they actually had to come back out and go to the end of the line afterwards. But the whole time we could hear the soundcheck through the doors. It was amazing!

Later on (before all the radio winners had come out), Peter had asked one of the security guards if all those people were going to get to stay because he said we had been waiting since 11:00am (it was probably 3 or 4 by then). The guard said "Oh no, don't worry we'll take care of you three and make sure you get in first." We were amazed and felt special haha. Like we felt we were insiders and that we 'had connections' and 'knew people' haha. But anyways, as it got closer to showtime, some security guards opened the doors to point out who the three fans were that were to be let in early, getting us even more excited. Unfortunately our feet already hurt really bad from sitting and standing so much. But suddenly everyone was standing because the doors were supposed to be opening any minute. The anticipation was killing us! Especially with all the door handle rattling!

Finally, they opened the door and said they had to "let some people in first" that they weren't "officially opened yet". So they took us three in, we showed the guards our tickets, got a stamp and were let loose into the auditorium to pick our spots. I started running with my roommate behind me, but some guards shouted "Don't Run!" so I had to immediately change to a walk but I was laughing at the same time. We fast walked right to the front of the barriers and went for center stage so we'd be in front of Nate. It was perfect. And all the people we had talked to at the front of the line were able to get to the front with us which was awesome. The opener was amazing. His name was Andrew McMahon, the former singer of Jack's Mannequin.

A little after the opener, 3 large black curtains were lowered down. The guards at the front told us they would only be down for a song and half for some projections. Finally Fun. came out. The crowd went wild! They opened with Out on the town, and then went right into One Foot. Right at the slow verse of One Foot, the curtains rose and the crowd cheered again. After that Nate started talking saying "Every time we come to Minnesota we gotta play the biggest place that we have ever played in our lives." (wild cheers). Had us repeat "We. Are. FUN!!!" hahaha.

Later they went into a long talk about coming here last time and going to Prince's place it was funny. Going something like this:

Nate: "This is like the best possible way that you could ever kick off the tour."
Jack: "We want to live here now. We've been here the last 5 days in Minneapolis. No joke. This is not like an exaggeration. This is the longest we've been in any city in the year. Which makes us ipso facto more at home here then at home."
Nate: "Which ipso facto would make the Twin Cities our home"
Andrew: "Ipso facto." Nate looks at him.
Andrew: "I just wanted to say ipso facto so badly that I didn't even work it into a good thing." haha :)
Nate: "So where ever we rehearse for 5 days makes it a hometown show, so this is a hometown show and you people are amazing....(Prince story)...we're so freaking happy to be here tonight, like seriously. If you can't see it on our faces we're tired of being home, we like being on the road."

The rest of the show was amazing, they came out for an encore to sing Some Nights and Stars and they came out wearing Minnesota Wild jerseys with their last names on them (proof in the picture). Before the last line of Stars, Nate paused and just applauded us for 30 seconds with everyone cheered and then he finished and they left. After the show we met Andrew McMahon and got a picture with him which was awesome.

*If you got this far thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. :)