A little quiz game I made up. Feel free to repost :) (I'm posting it again for those who haven't gotten a chance to do it yet)

The name of the game is:
created by: Deathwisher85

Rules: Pick 20 of your favorite people, musicians, celebrities, whoever, and use them to answer these 20 questions. You may only use a name once, and all names must be used. It's hard so good luck making decisions haha.

The Questions:
1. Who would you go on a vacation with?
2. Who would you go to the mall with?
3. Who would you go on a roller coaster with?
4. Who would you sing a duet with?
5. Who would you go to dinner with?
6. Who would you go to a scary movie with?
7. Who would you go to a concert with?
8. Who would you go on a romantic walk with?
9. Who would you kiss?
10. Who would you see-saw with?
11. Who would you party with?
12. Who would you marry?
13. Who would you star in a movie with?
14. Who would you play a game with?
15. Who would you invite to your birthday party?
16. Who would you go camping with?
17. Who would you go sight-seeing with?
18. Who would you pick to comfort you when you're sad?
19. Who would you pull a prank on someone with?
20. Who would you go on a picnic with?

My answers:
1. Billie Joe Armstrong
2. Emma Stone
3. Russell Brand
4. Steve Perry
5. Jonathan Gordon-Levitt
6. Johnny Depp
7. Jaret Reddick
8. Declan Galbraith
9. Brandon Flowers
10. Weird Al
11. Keith Moon
12. Gerard Way
13. Paul Bettany
14. Erik Chandler
15. Zooey Deschanel
16. Christopher Marquette
17. Tommy Shaw
18. Frank Iero
19. Tom Delonge
20. Norman Reedus