Is it bad if my acceptance was rather...quick?

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Is it bad if my acceptance was rather...quick?

I mean, I cried on the 22nd when I found out, but it was for less than 5 minutes. But that small outburst of sobbing made me feel better afterwards. Then the next day, I shed a few more tears due to watching "The Kids From Yesterday" music video and watching all the happy memories and the happiness on all the faces of the fans and the band members.

The following days I felt a little saddened with the thought in the back of my head, but then came the day of Gerard's letter. I have to say that was just what I needed to finalize the acceptance. I didn't cry or tear up during the letter, but smiled all the way through. He explained everything in such a story-telling way that it just felt nice and not sad. Towards the end I was just content and felt like it had ended in just a peaceful sort of way. I'm no longer saddened. I still wear the band merch with pride even though it's over, but you will see no more tears from me.

I'll admit, I feel a bit...well, ashamed for having accepted it so quickly, but deep down, I sort of wanted this to happen after all the rumors started spreading about several different things. I figured these guys would be a lot happier if they could just end the band and live their lives peacefully with their families without all the nasty hurtful rumors spreading about them.

Anyways, once the acceptance comes, you will feel a whole lot better. And instead of being sad, you'll be happy remembering all the good memories of them and keeping their songs alive.