I'M EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!! (for pointless reasons...oh well :) )

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I'M EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!! (for pointless reasons...oh well :) )

ok, well my school does this celebration called snow week, where you pick like snow king and queen. Well there's dress up days for the week and the last day is color wars. Each grade is assigned a color, and you have the option of buying a "grade-customized" shirt. So every grade's shirt is different. Well my 10th grade color was yellow. And the people we ordered are shirts from put some really random picture on it of a guy coming out of an ice cube, holding a sword in one hand, and holding up the "peace" sign in the other, and he was wearing a helmet and ski-goggles. And he had a curly mustache and goatee. Weird I know. But two boys in my class, (and the two I happened to have the biggest crushes on) dressed up like the guy on the shirt and painted all their skin and clothes yellow! The exciting part was in the morning they passed me in the hallway and one said "Nice school spirit" and the other made this noise he always makes and it so funny. It's like the equivalent of say "Oh yea!" Anyways, later on in the day during 6th hour speech class, they had to give their speeches and you have to dress professionally for them, so they went and changed, and they gave their speeches which were hilarious by the way. Afterwards, we were going to go to a pep fest as soon as 6th hour ended. Well they had changed back into their yellow outfits with fresh face paint, and then the bell rang ending class. Well they forgot to draw their mustaches and goatees back on, and being the artist that I am, they asked me to do it for them. and I could not refuse!! This happiest day of my life cuz I got to draw on and touch the shoulder of the two people I like most!!! How awesome is that?!

and I know these sound like stupid reasons to get excited over, but it's the small things in life that make me happy :)

also, i'm extremely happy that there's finally a release date for the new album! Woo go MCR!!!!! <3

~bye :D