I need a moment to vent on a topic that's been bothering me. (TATTOOS is the topic)

This topic is tattoos. I think they're an interesting way to show your love for artwork and how much you love whatever your tattoo choice is related to.

What's been bothering me though is all these people who think it's alright to insult people because they think a person's tattoo idea is stupid.

If a person gets a tattoo, it shouldn't matter what it is or why they got it. It's THEIR body, not anybody else's. So what they do with THEIR bodies, is no concern for other people. There's things out there that people love. MCR for example. People get tattoos that are MCR related because it's something they love that means a lot to them. But apparently to some people a tattoo should only hold a deep special meaning. It shouldn't just be something you love. Why? Why does a tattoo have to have DEEP meaning? Usually when someone wants to get a tattoo it involves having a tragedy done first. Countless people get tattoos of loved ones who passed away. Which is in my mind a great tribute to them, but it's sad they only get that tattoo after having something bad done. So what's wrong with getting a tattoo of something you simply love to pieces?

I'm a fan of the Boondock Saints on Facebook, and they had recently posted a photo album of people with Boondock Saints tattoos, and the comments were full of insults because people had to complain that it was stupid to get a tattoo from a movie. That because it's from a movie, it's not original. Several comments were very rude. Two of them involved the words "idiot" and "moron" for getting them done.

It just pisses me off because they have no right to criticize something that doesn't affect them. Maybe someone got a tattoo of Spongebob let's say. Yea, you might think, wow, I wonder why they got Spongebob, but is it too hard to simply ask "I'm curious why you chose Spongebob"? The answer is Yes, it IS too hard to ask that for these people. They'd rather say something like this: "Oh my god! That's the stupidest fucking tattoo I've ever seen! You're a fucking retard for getting a tattoo like that! It's a stupid show! Idiot."

For me, I like it more when people make mature comments, rather than insulting ones when no one starting anything in the first place. It happens on Youtube all the time. If you kindly post your opinion, you still get those jerks who rudely reply to your comment, instead of remaining just as mature as you did.

It just bugs me. I recently posted a question on an advice site asking about tattoo pain for those that had them. Some answered the question, but others are always trying to talk me out of it. Saying I'll regret it. I respect that they told me nicely, but in all honesty, I was asking about the pain not whether or not I should get it. I also posted that I will absolutely not regret it and they still told me I would.

In fact, I had asked a different question on there about what I should do about a friend that wanted to use my tattoo idea. I mentioned that it was MCR related, BUT it also held a deeper meaning for myself. Again, someone commented saying something like "You're getting one based off a band. Trust me, you don't want to do that. Eventually you'll forget about the band and years down the road you're going to regret that you got it done in the first place and then you'll have to get it painfully removed." Not to be rude, but don't you think maybe I've thought about that already perhaps?

Besides, the tattoo, or tattoos that I want are all small and I created them myself and put my own meaning behind them. Yes they are MCR related, but you wouldn't know by looking at them. Well MCR fans would notice one of them, but the other one would seem like a regular tattoo about music.

If you read to here, well thank you for hearing me out. Let me know what you think about it.