Guys, I want your honest opinion, was I being offensive?

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Guys, I want your honest opinion, was I being offensive?

I posted this on Facebook yesterday with absolutely no intentions of offending or insulting anyone. I wanted to help. This is what I posted:

"I kinda wish the younger generation would realize that negative parts of life and growing up are not worth taking their life over. Now and again, there's constantly streams of 13-16 year olds wanting to take their life. I don't understand. I know things can get bad, but why not talk about it with someone? Why not ask for help? There will always be at least one person to listen. You just have to give them the chance. Life comes with hardships, it's how the world works, but it doesn't mean you can't push through it. My point, if you're ever upset...about ANYTHING, talk about it with someone, let it out, seek help, don't keep it inside and let it build. Letting it build causes this big mound of depression to weigh you down and squeeze all the energy out of you. Don't let that happen. Always try to talk to someone about it."

I kept it kind and tried to encourage people to simply think about talking to someone before they decide suicide is the answer. Give others the chance to help, especially if they are offering it to you. I know many people on here will post about depression, and in nearly every blog that person asks for someone to talk to, or advice, or just a simple message to get their mind off things. THAT'S what I was encouraging. That is the best thing to do. And how many of us jump up right away to help the person asking for it? Nearly all of us, because we care, and what does that do? It makes the people on this site who face depression know that they can always come here to talk about their thoughts and have someone listen. It gives them courage and hope.

Now, someone attacked me on facebook by posting this as her status and not even bothering to hide that she was talking about my status. Here is what she posted:

"I'm so SICK of people that don't understand depression telling people with depression that they need to get a grip...I read a post on Facebook earlier about how the younger generation with depression need get a grip and talk to someone about their problems instead of just taking their lives. Now i defiantly agree that if you are having these thoughts or ANYTHING like this to seek help because there are so many people who can help you. But, I was so livid because for those of us with depression it's not always that easy. God I pray it was but its just not. Its a constant fight everyday. Frankly I blame society for A LOT of this because depression and MANY other mental illnesses are viewed as weakness and that it really is not a sickness. But it is. Clinical depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain. It is a sickness just like any other. So I BEG of people before you go judging and belittling these illnesses do some research. Find out all the aspects and actually try to understand what others are going through. Don't be an arrogant SOB and actually try to understand...That all I ask."

Now my problems with this are:
1. She completely changed my words around and put words in my mouth. I never said
"Get a grip" I never said it was a "weakness".
2. No where do I see how my post was arrogant and made me a son-of-a-bitch.
3. I've had a suicide in my family and she simply assumed that I had absolutely no idea about depression.

I understand how it can be hard to get through depression but I never said I was better than anyone else. I wanted people to know that even if they think suicide's the answer and if they think that they are alone that they are not. There will ALWAYS be someone willing to help and listen.

She's making it seem like I came right out and said "Oh my god, people with depression are so stupid. Why don't they just get a grip and talk to someone about their problems. They're so pathetic thinking things are so bad..."


Afterwards I even posted a comment on her status telling her that what she took it as was not what I meant, and that if I did offend her I was sorry. I was simply saying that if people are depressed that the first option should be to find someone to talk to, not go straight to contemplating suicide and I even mentioned having someone in my family committing suicide that could have been prevented if she had only told us about it. I also went on to say that "I would never use the words "Get a grip" in this situation because THAT is arrogant and cruel hearted", but instead of accepting my apology or at least allowing others on her status to see that I apologized and defended my self, she deleted both of my comments and unfriended me. Not that I care about the unfriending, but I do care that she deleted my comments defending my self and saying I'm sorry. Now her status gets to stay viewed as an applauded response to some jerk who doesn't take depression into consideration simply because she changed my words around and filled the meaning with bad intent.

What did I say that was so bad? Honestly, tell me if what I posted was really offensive. If the majority of you think it is, than I will remove it.