Any fans of the Boondock Saints?

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Any fans of the Boondock Saints?

Here's a poem I wrote about the movie and I'm pretty darn proud of it. Tell me what you think! :)


Here in Boston
But home in Ireland
Two brothers are here to defend

With God in their hearts
And morality in their mind
Evil is what they set out to find

From gangsters to mobsters
To the mafia and more
You better watch out if they knock on your door

With cunning and skill
And guns all afire
The brothers are definitely ones to admire

They defeat their enemies
With no restraints
Because to the town, these brothers are saints

Although they seem heartless
And cause such a scare
For the ones that they kill, they'll say a prayer

Connor and Murphy
The brothers two
They are here to protect you

The brotherly bond
That keeps them together
Fighting crime, now and forever.