ok well i will start posting blogs like the last one(and posting another blog in response to the comments of the last one)

ok looking at the comments from the last blog, 3 ppl said mcr is better(im also going to reply to the comments on the next blog, giving everyone my own honest opinion)
and make no mistake i do like mcr though or else i wouldnt be here
ok so on the last blog i asked who yall though was better a7x or mcr
me personaly i think avenged sevenfold is better
and now on to the comments(and also the people tht left the comments i directly give them my opinion)
im saying to much ima get on with it
ok so
XBlad3Fr3nzyX says Shit. I can't answer that.
MCR all the way, but god damn Avenged Sevenfold is awesome.
M. Shadows has a better scream, Gerard has a better singing voice.
The Rev was a better drummer, no questions.
Depending on the song depends.
MCR has more meaning and probably more fans and is more of a idolic band (you can idolize them), then Avenged Sevenfold.

well i agree mcr and a7x are pretty goddamn awesome, and yes matt does have a good sing, gerard has a very amazing voice, but not only does shadows scream he can sing too, and matt can also sing better live, gee can sing live but matt sings better(now im not criticizing gee just sayin')and i do agree the rev(rip the rev forREVer) is a badass drummer probably better than lars ulrich from metallica, and yes the song does depend because i hate fiction but i love the song cancer, i hate S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W but i like so far away(one of my favs) and we cant compare who has more fans because we dont know tht, and to tell you the truth, i have no idea wtf idolic means

music is my life says It's pretty bold to ask people on mychemicalromance.com if they like another band better? If not surprised.. i like MCR better... and i only know 1 avenged sevenfold song "A Little Piece of Heaven".. but i like it :D

i just gotta say 2 things 1. whats wrong with asking someone on mcr.com if they like another band better, and no im not surpised if you like mcr better, but i like a7x better
2. if you liked a little piece of heaven then you'll love this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roZbgp3W51A

and finally I Love MCR says my chemical romance for sure, well thts cool mcrs awesome(i like a7x better though) but we can except opinions right? :)