It has been a hell of a long time.

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It has been a hell of a long time.

Hello, killjoys.

I've missed this place!

I know it was a while ago, but I hope everyone is coping okay with the MCR split.. They meant a lot to me too and I just wanted to know if everyone was alright.

Let me fill you in, I have a new favourite band. Presumably, you've heard of them. They're called Nirvana and they're fucking great. I'm in love with their music.

I went to my 1st and 2nd ever gig. Don Broco in February and 5 Seconds of Summer in May. I'll be attending my 3rd in December, Avenged Sevenfold! I'm wetting myself with excitement (not literally, don't worry.)

How are you all doing? Lemme know in the comments..

I'll attach a photo of me from today. I painted my face in art to try and match the Nirvana logo, but it failed epically.

- Stella. (formerly, PsychosocialPenguin) xo