Banned From Social Media...Again...

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Banned From Social Media...Again...

So I'm banned (again) from social network. I was watching my brother and on Twitter at the same time and my mom came in to the room and started screwing at me saying "Daimon could be dead right now!" and there was just me like "o.o". We're moving house soon and I'm banned until we move in. Mom said we don't have time for social media because we're 'too busy' but I've done all of my stuff anyway, all I need to do is take down my posters and paint my wall..My parents still don't know about this site,but my dad literally just caught me on it and I just told him it was a blog site and you don't talk to people on here, he believed me thankfully, I need SOMETHING to do. So this site, youtube and are my only hope.

I'd love for someone new to message me! I'm very easy to talk to so just message me if you feel like it!:)

Oh,and can anyone give me some new bands to listen to, I just keep listening to the same crap so give me some suggestions in the comments please!:D