Long Time No Type ...

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Long Time No Type ...

Hey! It's been a while since I posted, so I just wanted to check in with all my fellow MCR fans and make sure you're all okay. We good? Good.
Update one:
So I've been hearing that The Killers are close to doing the thing that NO BAND SHOULD EVER HAVE TO DO and I really hope they don't do that thing because JESUS The Killers are a good band.
Update Two:
WOw. I have been s t r e s s e d. I'm taking two AP classes, I'm co-president of a club I started at school, I have a job, and I just started volunteering at my local Boys & Girls Club. I barely have time for important things anymore.

Like twitter.

If anyone is taking APUSH or AP English let me know so we can cry together!1!11!
(I'm mainly kidding, I'm actually doing pretty well in these classes, but they're time consuming.)

I've been listening to more punk rock and jazz lately and I actually really enjoy it.

Last update:
You never know when someone really special is going to come in your life, so don't give up. Some times you lose people that you think will never be replaceable, but I promise that it always works out in the end and there will be a person or multiple people that will make everything worth it. Physical presence NOT required.

I lied, one more update:
Try new things. Don't be a grouch. Meeting those people that can help you make yourself a better person doesn't come easy. Go out, try something random and new and weird and have fun with it.