Gerard on Ellen (Tried to post last week, didn't work, voila!)

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Gerard on Ellen (Tried to post last week, didn't work, voila!)

Hello again friends!

I type this as I lie half-dressed, my glasses juuuuuust barely out of arms reach, but typing this is my first and only priority right now. No time to play around and actually see what I'm typing. (On an unrelated note, please excuse any typos in this letter.)

Anyway, after greeting the day with a frown and flipping off the sun for rising yet again, I jumped out of bed, eager to start my day. (If there is a high enough demand for it, I may write a blog post later this week about how I get so much energy in the mornings [by high demand I mean one person in the comments.])

Wow I get sidetracked easily, maybe because I can't see what I'm typing. It's all just black squiggles. My eyes aren't even THAT bad, I just haven't washed my face yet and my eyes kind of sting, as a way to tell me, "Hey, maybe you shouldn't stay up until 1:30 am on Twitter when you know very well that you will wake up early the next day."

Ya know what, this is getting ridiculous. I am talking about nothing. Please excuse me while I go wash my face.

I'm back, ahh that was refreshing. Did you miss me? No, you didn't. For you, all you had to do was read the next line. Lazy. I actually got out of bed, walked to the sink, looked at my face (carefully - I can't make eye contact with myself in the mirror; I'm basically Medusa except not as cool and I don't have powers; I'm just ugly) and washed my face. All you did was stay wherever you are and read. Pfft

I'm too scared to read what I have already typed because I fear that the eloquently worded side of me will punch tired and droning me in the face. And just for giggles I'm keeping everything I originally typed.

Past the nonsensical portion of this entry, now on to the coherent portion of my droning:

Let's get Gerard on The Ellen Show!

If you're not aware, Gerard mentioned the other day (what, you expect me to put a link to specific tweets here, like last time? No. Do something on your own for once, you ungrateful little [wow okay the whole face-washing thing didn't work apparently]) that he loves Ellen and would love to be on her show!

Of course, within minutes, there was a Twitiion to get Gerard on her show. But I don't really understand what a Twitition would do, I think the real way to get it done is to contact Ellen directly! (Okay, fine I will give you one link but don't take this for granted) :

If you follow this link, fill out the form and suggest Gerard to be on Ellen. He said he'd even be happy just sitting in the audience, but tickets to be in the audience are free so I think he'd have done that by now if he didn't really want to be a guest on the show. I think contacting Ellen directly is more effective than a Twitition and hopefully will make it possible to see Gerard on the small screen. That'd be a funny episode, they would talk about Ramen (see Gerard's tweets) or cars or comic books.

Thanks for reading, and pass the message along to all your facebook (does anyone still use facebook?) and Twitter friends (Oh, and while you're on Twitter, you might as well follow me @DeannaLorena and tweet me saying you read this because, wow, reading this makes you a trooper) and hopefully we'll see Gerard on Ellen!

SIDE NOTE: If you want to skip past incoherent rambling, begin reading at "Let's get Gerard on The Ellen Show!" Haha, bet you wish you had read that first. Teehee. Hooohoo. Haahaa. All right I'm done bye

**This might post three times now, which I am disappointed about because I thoroughly enjoyed my sidenote from my second try at posting this blog. I can't try to recreate it; magic like that can't be reborn by force. It needs to come naturally. So this is a solemn day for what could have been. But just know that it was funny, weird, and a combination of all the things vital for life. I also explained in the second sidenote why this post may come up more than once, but I don't want to explain that now, which is kind of coincidental, because this side note is waaay longer than the second side note.

RIP Second side note Sat. May 4 11:10 am - 11:12 am
You will soon be forgotten