2001 - 2013

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2001 - 2013

It's hard to breathe.

And it's even harder to write as the unfamiliar warmth in my eyes start to block my view. It's not fair. I've not had a chance to see them live, to know that they're the ones who once picked me up when I was in pieces. It's not fair. They saved a lot of lives, and there are still a lot more that needed them. It's not fair. Their music became a beacon of hope for people like me, and I'm still here--trying to find some sort of light. It's not fair...

But who am I to say that?

They gave me (and lotsa other people) that sliver of hope when there's none, that little smile when their music plays and you know that they understand and they've been there and won over it, that "noise" to make you scream and sing along for the hate and the anger to fade away, that inspiration to do something. They do save lives, what can I say?

And now, the lights are out... and it's time to say good bye. I will never as farewells are like daggers to me. There's something almost hurting blossoming inside my chest, but the gratitude and love are there... because I fucking know, they've been a part of my life. And I never say good bye as I know, they'll still carry on and so am I.

I may have seen this coming but I was too selfish to think about it.

So long and good night.

Alright, Children
The lights are out and the party's over
So remember even if you're dusted
You may be gone
But out here in the desert
Your shadow lives on without you
[2001 -2013]