Spring break... YAY

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Spring break... YAY

Hi Killjoys, well this is FOR MCR FANS, BVB FANS, and those of us killjoys that want to help/stop fan wars. Thank you. Please read.

Anywho well you guys know how there are fan base wars right (hint hint remember shane and the beliebers *gags*) well there has been a fan war that caught my eye. It was/is between the MCRmy and BVBarmy, My best friend is a rep. for the BVBarmy and a while ago we convinced J.A (long story) to settle it so there'd be peace and such, but something happened (again long-er story) and J.A decided to call it off, saying the hybrids are just filthy killjoys (a compliment by our standards)

Anyway, what they don't know is that Ro and I created an Underground Hybrid base, ya know for hybrids. We currently have about 200 people already and we're still growing. What I wanted to know is if any of you are interested in joining you can comment/message me, so with all the support we can get from killjoys we can stop this petty wars with others. And our goal is to stop with the violence, NOT increase it.

(And if you do/did join don't forget that you can help by recruiting other killjoys... Don't forget to write all the killjoys you recruit down so we can keep count good lucky you guys)