Its been a while

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Its been a while

Well, not really. but Ima be on less..dam school
1) The first song is the overall theme for the apocalypse - Ghosts 'n' stuff -Deadmau5 ft. rob swire

2)The second song is what plays when you kill your first zombie - Ghost of you -MCR

3)The third song plays when getting chased by a horde - pete wentz is the only reason we're famous -cobrastarship

4)The fourth song plays when you have to kill your loved one - Listen to your body tonight -Black kids

5)The fifth song plays when you find a group of survivors - Ignorance -paramore

6)The sixth song plays when you find a new love interest - Miracle -paramore

7)The seventh song plays when you have to make a final stand - Nanananana -MCR

8)The eighth song plays when you think you've survived it all - I never told you what i do for a living -MCR
9)The ninth song plays when you discover a bite mark on you - Let the flames begin -paramore (the only song that makes sense with this...hmmmm)

-Dynamic Deadbeat