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Day 4, yay... Specials today, and an announcement again.

4.Listening to: The Osterhagen Key feat. Mr Saxon - One Man Two Hearts (Doctor Who special track Trock On!)
Eating: Nothing, just drinking water
Doing:Watching House of Anubis... I'm lame ;~; Actually trying to do my homework, I have school in 3 days... and Avoiding the bf

*Special: Happy birthday Maresa, you're having a quinceañera tomorrow, and I'm not sure I can make it, but who knows. I'll try to make it, but if I don't, we can still hang out anytime. You don't go to Gertz but you go to #4 and its close so yeah, lets meet up! You're awesome and have an epic birthday.

*** Announcement: Birthdays, yes, we all have one. And I am quite sure I won't have a person to wish happiness upon the anniversary of their birth each day, I wish I did. but you can fix that, want to be wished happy birthday? I can make it happen, on here at least. so yeah

Seeing someone live my dream hurts, and I would much rather be blind.