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Hi everyone! Today is day 2 of my year goal :) so far so good, and yeah. I have my special and a little something else for you. So onto business:

2. Listening to: Suicide Season -Bring Me The Horizon
Eating: Oreos and soy milk (I actually never had soy, its pretty good)
Doing: surfing the intenets for vocab words (part of homework), on Quizilla, here, watching Supernatural, avoiding homework again ._.

*Special: I realized today is my sister-in-law's birthday, which is why I decided to post this earlier than I would have normally. Anywhore, yes I am aware that these people will never possibly see these posts, but I like it. Norma, I love you and the kids, you're one of the best sisters I've had. Have a happy birthday, and say hi to Carlos for me, tell him I miss him.*

**More: Pretty much since this is the 2nd post, I had a thought, everyday is someone's birthday. And I love that. So I think it'd be nice to wish happy birthday to each one of you guys, so IF you'd like, comment your birthday, and I'll make it happen :)

"Music is the strongest form of magic" -Marilyn Manson