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“The only hope for me is you. The world is ugly, but you’re beautiful to me. Let me be the one to save you. I’ll never let them hurt you (I promise). Someone out there loves you after all. I mean this: Forever.”

Hey, other people who love My Chemical Romance. It’s my first time posting here for reasons other than a contest so… hi. The fan art is something I just finished. It’s supposed to be the Demolition Lovers (like the cover of Revenge) but Killjoy style. Since I’ve been obsessed with that song and with romantic things in general lately, this needed to be done. I put a lot of emotion in to it… but I’m not great at drawing. The background is (like you couldn’t tell) a photo I took and Photoshopped the hell out of. Then I put it all together on my computer. Do you guys like it?

Funny story: Everybody thought it was supposed to be a picture of me kissing Gerard Way (actually, at first my mom thought they were both guys… so I guess people think I look like a guy even more than I do) Awkward, right? It ‘aint even supposed to be Gee! You guys know, ‘cause I would’a made the guy Party Poison and the girl Dead Bunny if a creepy stalker fangirl drawing was the goal. I do NOT want to be “that girl”. Someday I will meet MCR, and when I do I don’t want to feel embarrassed because I got carried away having a crush on Gerard to the point that he would find me creepy.

Thinking these two need to be the subject of my first MCR fic… weird? I just feel like writing lovey-dovey shit lately… At least it would be lovey-dovey shit with ray guns? Their Killjoy names are Android Girl and Reckless Abandon. Yeah… if I ever have the time to do a fic maybe it will be a Demo Lovers thing…