Restored hope.

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Restored hope.

Okay, so CW 1 was great. Fast paced, in your face, sweet-ass punk music.

CW 2....loved "Ambulance". Sounded like a BP song. "Gun"...did not love. Was repetitive; not exciting.

CW 3...I lost hope. To me, these two songs sounded like radio friendly BS. They were great songs, but not great MCR songs (I actually wrote a blog about my disappointment in these songs and my anxiety about the future of the band).

CW 4...I really liked these songs. They sounded a little more MCR to me and I was pleased with them.

CW 5...Completely and absolutely restored my hope. These two songs are glorious. This is the direction I was hoping and praying they would go in. It just sounds like they actually put an extreme amount of effort, heart and soul in to these two songs.

If/when MCR comes out with a new album, I'm begging that it sounds like these two last songs.

Like I said.


Thanks MCR for restoring my hope ;)


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