Purging all bad feelings from my life!!

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Purging all bad feelings from my life!!

I have decided to do some spring cleaning from within!

I am going to purge most, if not all, bad feelings from my life!

Right now, at 7 AM in the morning, when I'm sure I didn't get more than an hour of sleep last night because I was up and down like crazy, this sounds like a fantastic idea. Whether it's going to be complete avoidance behavior or not, I'm not sure. But I'm feeling optimistic =]

Essentially, what's been happening to me is that a friend of mine essentially fell in love with me. Well, I'm engaged, so obviously that was bound to not work out at all. After last week when he professed his love to me by telling my fiance, my fiance forbade me to see him. When I told my friend that, he basically got pissed and told me to never talk to him again. I got severely depressed, or I guess you could say to the point of not giving a fuck about anything, because this was a really great friend. It's not that I wanted him completely out of my life, I just wanted him stop hitting on me.

At this point, I'm fairly sure I'm still depressed. I miss talking to him, despite all his attempts to get in my pants. I miss him in general. I loved him as a friend. Don't get me wrong, I'm still completely in love with my fiance, but he was just a really great friend.

So, I am going to purge bad feelings from my life!

I will not text him, I will not call him, I will not message him, I will not go up and talk to him at school, I will not even think of him.

It's a little difficult because we go to a very tiny school and we're both music therapy majors. But I gotta do it. To purge all the bad feelings from my life.

Somebody please tell me I'm doing the right thing, because it sure doesn't feel like it =/