A prayer request?

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A prayer request?

I know most of you aren't Christian, but I really have a request.

My fiance's friend is very sick. The both of them have been great friends for 8-9 years. Really, like family. He can't move his whole body. Right now, he's at the big hospital, MUSC, getting a ton of rigirous test. They have ruled out spinal meningitis, thank God, but he's still in an extreme amount of pain.

I want to send out a prayer request. I know most of you are not Christian, but if you are, please keep him in your prayers. And if not, please keep him in your thoughts. I've never seen my fiance take something so hard and I'm pretty upset too. His friend is just an amazingly good person, has never said a bad thing about anyone, and is just so laid back and chilled and nice. He's only 21 and does not deserve something like this, by any means.

For all of you who have read this, thanks so much. It means a lot. I'll keep you guys updated.