MCR Concert: Atlanta, GA: May 11th, 2011: Objective POV.

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MCR Concert: Atlanta, GA: May 11th, 2011: Objective POV.

This review is long, in depth, and intense. So pay attention and keep the fuck up, because it took me three hours to make sure I gave accurate and interesting information at an objective view point.

As promised, I have written an objective POV blog (more unbiased) on the concert and I will be writting a subjective POV (more biased). This is because I want everyone to get the facts and I want the opportunity to express my opinions freely without the two being mixed and confused. My subjective POV blog will be coming up tomorrow, so look for it =D


Here it goes: Objective POV.

Last night, Wednesday, May 11th, 2011, I attended the My Chemical Romance concert in Atlanta, GA at the Tabernacle. If you have never been to a My Chem concert, you can expect overall comradeship from other fans, a high energy show, and a plethora of songs from all of their CD's (yes, even Bullets!).

The Architects were great! Very exciting, super punk sound, and were an excellent choice as the very first act. Thursday were also great and a different and refreshing energy than the Architects.

And then, My Chemical Romance.

Any time that MCR was mentioned during the other two bands set, the crowd went wild. The crowd was clearly ready to see and hear them ASAP.

It took a while for MCR to come out on stage, somewhere near 20-30 minutes, building up intensity and anticipation. Once they finally started to proceed out on to the stage, the audience was uncontrollable. There were fans everywhere, in the pit, up in the balcony, at the bar and all were screaming, crying, and cheering. Along with that, there were a good few people fainting. Whether it was dehydration in addition to heat, lack of sustenance from waiting in line all day, or just the straight up overwhelming fact of finally seeing My Chem live, is unknown, but people were definitely fainting. Don't worry, Gerard encouraged the help of those in trouble and we gladly helped ;-)

MCR's ability to create energy in the audience is awe inspiring. Of course, the opening was “Look Alive, Sunshine”. When I was looking around at the audience, over half of the audience were repeating the words along with the track as if it were an anthem. As soon as the track ended, MCR moved straight in to “Na Na Na”, just like on the album itself. During most of the “na na na” parts of the song, and actually throughout much of the concert, Gerard would hold out the microphone to us, the audience, giving us the chance to truly have a voice and sing out as loud as we could.

In between songs, MCR would play ambient music, a very interesting and creative transitioning technique to keep the audience interested and engaged.

And then the nostalgia kicked in for all of the “older” fans. MCR started playing “Give 'Em Hell, Kid”. When the audience heard that, there was an energy like no other, like some sort of supernatural life force.

Throughout the whole concert, songs from all four albums were alternated.

Just to cut things a little short, I'm going to ahead and list what sounds were played from each album. Like mentioned, the songs were alternated from album to album, but I am going to categorize them by album.

Danger Days: “Na Na Na”, “Planetary (Go!)”, “The Only Hope for Me is You”, “Summertime”, “Vampire Money”, “Destroya”

The Black Parade: “Mama”, “House of Wolves”, “Welcome to the Black Parade”, “Teenagers”

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge: “Give 'Em Hell Kid”, “Hang 'Em High”, “I'm Not Okay (I Promise)”, “Ghost of You”, “Helena”

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love: “Vampires Will Never Hurt You”

“Helena” was the last of the songs to be played, the whole audience almost in tears at this point, singing along with all the emotion and energy they had left. My Chem exited the stage quickly, leaving the audience thriving for more. They left the audience for what seemed like a lifetime, but was probably actually only 5 minutes at the most.

The keyboardist came out first, the audience wondering what the encore was going to be.

As the rest of the band came out, chords being played out on the keyboard could very faintly be heard. The audience was losing it. Many fans knew exactly what was coming up: “Our Lady of Sorrows”. The amount of excitement from the fans was almost enough to blow the roof off of the building. MCR seemed to play “Our Lady of Sorrows” more declarative and with much more passion than any other previous song during the show.

And of course, the very last encore was “Bulletproof Heart”. The whole audience knew the entire song and not one single person was left out. This was most definitely the most appropriate choice for an encore song because it was the song that united all of the fans together one very last time that night.

Gerard ended with saying “WE ARE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE”, very confidently assuring every single one of us that even with how perfect this night was, this was in fact reality, and not just a dream.

Overall, compared to the only other MCR show I've been to in 2005, the accuracy of their live sound has improved greatly, which honestly can make for much more enjoyment for the audience.

So there it is, my attempt at giving an objective, unbiased review of the May 11th, 2011, Atlanta, GA My Chemical Romance show. I hope you enjoyed!

Signing out,

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