Living in the past

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Living in the past

How many of you try, much like myself, to live in the past?

It's not easy to do if you're still in high school. You still have the same friends and the same drama going on and the same people you see every day.

It is my second year of college, two hours away from where I used to live, and I find my myself checking up on random people's myspaces from high school every now and then. Just to see if they are the same, talking to the same people, still together, and everything.

As much pain as my middle school and high school years brought me, I do miss it. It almost defined who I was. So when I do find myself checking up on all these people, sometimes I even message them and ask them how things are. And it's really quite stupid of me because things will never ever be the same. I almost feel like all hope is lost.

Really enjoy your high school years as much as possible and cherish it. Because before you know it, it will be over. And as much as you want them to be over at this moment because of a bully or a crush not liking you or your friends backstabbing you, after your graduate, you will miss it.

I don't have the same connection with people in college like I did in high school. It's all over.