I got MCR played in a STRIP CLUB!

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I got MCR played in a STRIP CLUB!

Okay, so most of us would say "GASP! MCR being played in a strip club? That's not classy! It's a SHAME!"

However, if I'm at a strip club, bored out of my mind, and I wanna fuck with the stripper's heads, I am going to go up and request music that I love.

First, my fiance's friend requested "Bat Country" by A7X. Bahaha. The stripper got the most "WTF" look on her face. Then, we requested an MCR song, hoping that they would at least have one. They had "Helena". The next stripper that was on was the one that had to dance to that song. I will give it to her, she tried REALLY hard. She still obviously had NO clue how to strip to "Helena".

Point is, it was great. Because of the fact that I got to listen to MCR that night in the strip club, it completely made my night =)