How do you feel about 2011?

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How do you feel about 2011?

2011 approaches us in just 2 days!

I feel confident about 2011. I want to make sure that this is an amazing year.

Things I have to look forward:
- A year of wedding planning for February 4th, 2012 (which means getting a dress and planning the honeymoon ;D)
- 4th dating anniversary of my fiance and I!
- Disney World in March XD
- 21st birthday on May 11th!
- Being completely done with classes and moving on to internship in December!

Things I'm nervous about:
- Finding the money to plan the wedding and honeymoon =/
- Making sure I get my work study hours in to get MOOLAH!
- Applying for internships
- Finding a place to live where the internship will be
- Course workload O.O
- Being more healthy (like every year, I need to lose weight =/)
- Being happy!

Isn't it weird that I'm nervous about maintaining happiness?

What are things you have to look forward to? What about things you're nervous about?