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I just wanted to say that it's probably safe to say that EVERYONE on here LOVES Halloween. Am I wrong to assume that? I think it's almost a requirement of being an MCR fan haha

However, I will say that a lot of people around me really dislike Halloween. First, I go to a Baptist college. It is inevitable that for over half the people at my college, their parents have taught them that Halloween is the devils holiday and stuff. It's their beliefs, so I respect that.

Then, my boyfriend's boss and his wife, they don't celebrate Halloween, nor do they allow their children to celebrate (who are three and four). They are not religious. His wife got raped ten years ago on Halloween. As terrible as that is, I personally think that she should have personal went and under gone some kind of therapy to help her out. She told me she spends every Halloween locked in her room crying. Seriously, is that something that's appropriate to put your three and four year old through every year? When they finally realize what a big holiday (well, for my boyfriend and I and by what it seems, all of you too) they are missing out on, they're going to be really upset. Especially since all of their friends are going to be out trick-or-treating while they are forced to stay at home and listen to their mother cry.

Believe me, I'm sympathetic for her. I feel terrible that she went through such a terrible thing. But for her kids sake, she should get help.

Anyways, I was just really bored and felt that I should touch on the Halloween subject. For some of us, it's really rare to see people not into Halloween like we are.

I think I'll make a cake again for Frank like I did back in 2005, 2006, and 2007 (yeah, I had to skip last year). Can't wait!