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Fucking great concert!

Well, that is until Senses Fail's set when all the fucking 15 year old fans decided that the best concert etiquette is to throw someone up in the air so that they can kick everyone up at the front in the head.

I never want to see a Senses Fail concert again because of how awful the crowd was.

The two songs that I was really excited for were amazing, but other than that, the crowd was rude, the guitars were about a half step flat and the the singer was about a half step sharp. Which means they were about a whole step a part. That's HORRIBLE.

Don't get me wrong though, Bayside was amazing. Oh my gosh. So good. And we got the setlist from the roadies. And then we went up after and got the lead guitarist, bassist, and drummer to sign it =)

Anyways, I'm tired. Going to bed. Great night. But still freaking STOKED for MCR concert in MAY!!