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He's not my favorite...

Oh my gosh, who is completely stoked for this movie?! That would be me!!

Unfortunately, I don't get to see it today. My abnormal psych class is tonight from 6-9 and I don't think I'll wanna go see it after I get out of a 3 hour lecture hall. However, I am going to see it tomorrow! I'm skipping my 2:00 English. I'm going home right after my clinical and then my boyfriend and I are going to see it. Yeah, I see early movies. What of it, punk?? Saves me money.

BTW, three hour classes suck. And my teacher's name is Myrna. And she's boring. I do like learning the abnormal psych stuff though. And I'm in there with two other music therapy majors. But, they are 2 years ahead of me. Why may you ask I'm taking a class that was intended for MT majors to take like their Junior or Senior year? Because we got the choice of taking abnormal psych or child psych in whatever order we want (we do have to take both). Most people choose child psych first, their sophomore year. But I decided I would MUCH rather learn abnormal psych first, since that is my population.

Anyways, since I have made you all completely fucking bored, I'm going to actually go get dressed now. Yes, I am in teh nude. WHAT OF IT, PUNK?!?!?