Thanks for everything

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Thanks for everything

Dear MCRmy

I havent posted on here in so long. Well a lots happened recently as we all know and guess I'things arent going to be the same but its not a bad thing. I'm going to miss MCR so much it hurts and its taken me a few weeks to get over the announcement that theyve split, but despite everything and how heart breaking writing this is id like to say thank you to you all. Every single one of you whether youve been there since the beginning or whether youve only discovered the MCRmy recently. No matter what the MCRmy will carry on. MCR saved my life when i had to no one else to save me they were there i wouldnt be alive if it wasnt for them. Thank you.

I love you all promise you wont give up now that they are gone.

all my love and once again Thank you

Lauren aka Dark Venom