I can't resist.

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I can't resist.

This is like my second blog today.

But I can't help it.

I'm just so stoked for Saturday.


Hm. How can I make this worthwhile.
Oh. Check out some Comic Con cosplays of the White Violin. I really don't like the first one, no offense.
She doesn't know how to properly hold a violin obviously and it eats at my soullllll.

But I am IN LOVE with this cosplay.


Wish I could've gone to Comic Con this year. Haha, I'll be there next time.
I wanna be a hunter from Left 4 Dead. rawrrrrr. >8D

Edit- Ok I feel like a total bitch. The cosplayer from the first link set me straight. Not even reading the comment on dA she gave me is what made me realize it, but she copy pasted what I said and reading THAT is what made me feel like crap. Believe me, her costume is beautiful. I can't believe I let such a little thing make me forget the fact that she must have worked so hard on her cosplay. I obviously have discovered a new pet peeve now, incorrect instrument position LOL. Chalk that up with "chewing with your mouth open" and "improper grammar". But really. A lot of effort goes into cosplays, especially White Violin ones. And I shouldn't have been so stupid as to have ignored that at the time.
They also take courage. You're either walking around in a skin tight body suit or in a bikini. I'd NEVER have the guts to do either. Not to mention both girls above can pull it off perfectly. Seriously, no matter if it "eats at my soullll", I bow to you. And I mean all that.