These Hands Hold Nothing.

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These Hands Hold Nothing.

I have a question. What is it like to have a totally sucky day and not have a reason why?

I go for the afternoon session school, which is 1.00 - 6.30pm. But we have extra-curricular before school, so today I was at school since 9am. Which is, a damned 9 hours if I'm not mistaken. Needless to say, I'm exhausted. I have cramps and I got a shitty 67 for my art paper. Which would bring my average mark down. Which dampens my chances of getting an electric guitar for Christmas. Hell! My dad spends his money on a new Mac, expensive dinners, fancy bicycle equipment.. but noo, an electric guitar is a no-no! Not even for Christmas! Not even for Christmas AND my birthday! ==

Mom's not much help either. "Ask dad."

So, I'm hoping that my results, coupled with the fact that I've been an extra good girl for the past month or so, would suffice as a weapon in my mission to persuade him.

I really hope I don't sound like a brat, because it's something I've gone against all my life.. well, I guess I'd just have to get the guitar with my own money if all fails. Which let met tell you, is hard to do because my mom monitors my spending like paparazzi. But I DID get really good grades this time. (7 As out of 10 I think, plus I'm a prefect in my school!)

This is my first blog update in a while, I might get down to doing this again (: