Shadow Warrior (my turn!)

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Shadow Warrior (my turn!)

I figured since many people are posting their stories on this site, I might as well do the same. I'm writing this action/adventure/horror story called Shadow Warrior with my friend.

It's about a guy and a girl who have magical abilities trying to find their place in the world. Eventually they join a cult called Shadow Warriors, already consisting of 5 members - Lord Callisto the Undead leader (lol I got it from Warped Tour), 17 year olds Josh and Serena, 16 year old Ash and his 12 year old brother Mike(y? My friend doesn't want the 'Y'). They try to help the world but just like any other human, they make huge mistakes and have to correct them. Sort of like the Umbrella Academy.

Soon, Callisto becomes greedy for power and tries to get them to assasinate the president. Tthe rest of them kick him out of the group. Josh becomes the Undead leader. Callisto wants revenge by turning a horde of vampires to attack them. And...I'm not too sure about the ending. Should I get them to die or 'float' (that means I don't specify that they're dead or alive)?

We're stuck at chapter 5. Posting some of it here soon maybe?