33 reasons why I love MCR

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33 reasons why I love MCR

I got the idea from wewalktheplank.

1. Gerard and Mikey have a very loving relationship.
2. Frank is short and portable.
3. Ray's hair! (need I say more?)
4. Bob kills cameras...and cameramen.
5. They save lives.
6. People are inspired by them.
7. They motivate people to keep on living.
8. They respect their fans.
9. They care for their fans.
10. They love their fans.

11. They love and keep in touch with their family.
12. Their music rocks the world.
13. They don't do it for the money.
14. They're honest and open about everything.
15. They respect women.
16. They don't party all night.
17. They teach us not to be cool (and to not take anyone's shit).
18. They're very original and aren't rip-offs.
19. They give inspirational speeches.
20. They don't get into fights.
21. They don't do drugs.
22. Mikey looks adorable.
23. They are the reason so many people are with us in this world.
24. They are awesome.
25. They all love each other and don't give a shit about what MM thinks.
26. They put up with Frank's unsuccessful and unintentional killing spree.
27. They don't cheat on their music.
28. Every record is different.
30. I skipped 29.
31. You just checked.
32. They give their all at concerts.
33. There are only 32 reasons.

I was lazy to think up of more. :)

Anyway, I'm in love with The World is Ugly right now. Ice-cream anyone?