Good-Bye Hurts, But...

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Good-Bye Hurts, But...

Good-bye hurts, but it's what follows that kills.
It leads me to the emptiness with which my heart fills.
I spread my wings and I took flight,
But we both sit worlds apart, wondering if it was right.

Good-bye hurts, but it the after that catches the tears.
Crying, curled up in the dark, finally alone with your fears.
You seem happy, though I know you say you miss me.
If I came back, I wonder, could you stomach it to kiss me?

Good-bye hurts, but it's the memory that hollows your chest,
Chews at you stomach, burns in your mind, and spits out all the rest.
I miss you, but I continue to fake a joy not always there,
Because I know that despite the distance and pain, you care.

Good-bye hurts, but it's the empty silence that comtinues to smother.
A choking, clogging, desperate need for my mother.
I wanted freedom, safety, and things I don't yet understand.
I wanted, above all, to be more important than an evil man.

Good-bye hurts, but it's the truth that put the last nail in the box.
And the two of us that covered it with black dirt and darker thoughts.
Not the coffin of a person, whom we loved just this morning,
It's the death of ourselves, how we used to be, that we are mourning.