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mayy's picture
on August 7, 2014 - 8:22am

So if you read the title, you probably know that this post is being dedicated to my biggest heroes in the world-

So today, by God's fucking grace, I am getting my first...GUITAR!!!
I know it might not be a big deal to you guys but to me it's huge!
Ever since I was like 5, I dreamt of playing guitar in a kickass rock-band. I even used to pretend this electric blue racket we had was one and I'd "perform" infront of mum and dad and they promised they'd get me one eventually. Well my friends,....
Today is the day.
My brother has gone to pick it up and I'm SO Siked!
This has always been my dream and now, by God's grace, it has come true.

So there are about 4 people I want to thank.
3# My amazing brother Brian for encouraging me too persue this and ofcourse convincing my parents to get it. He's always supported me and he always jokes around that one day, we're gonna start a band ^_^

2#My parents for being sweet enough to do this.

And finally....
The band
They, along with other awesome bands, have made me see that it is possible to do anything you want.
Thanks to MCR as a whole for teaching me that I can do this if I truly believe in myself.
I love them so much <3<3<3

Also want to thank God...Cause ya know.... I won't go into religious detail but, just felt the need to thank "thy creator" for this gift. ^_^
(Sorry if my beliefs piss you off or anything)

So yes...
And I can't forget my killjoy family.
You guys have supported me and been showing me that I am worth something and I can do it.
I love you guys!

"Stay beautiful keep it ugly "