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Thank you all so much!

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mayy's picture
on July 14, 2014 - 9:46am

Hey, so this is to all the rad guys who tried to help me out on my previous post so if you didn't see it you don't have to read this.

So to you guys who left comments giving me advice, thanks for all trying to help me out. It honestly means a lot and I love all you guys (sorry if that sounds creepy to you)
I think I'm gonna tell my sister first 'cause she used to help me with depression when I was younger (around 8 or 9) but she moved out but I'm seeing her on Wednesday so I'll try to explain it to her.

I just have 2 things to point out.

As far as going to the park , like Zankoku said, we don't have any in my town cause the only one in the whole country is out of town.
Though, I might stay with my sister this weekend and we usually go to the beach and botanical gardens and zoo out of town so I think I'll try and convince her to take me.
Thanks to Zankoku sinner for the idea.

And about the school councelor thing, we don't have those in my school..or in any Ugandan school so any other ideas?

But all in all, thank you guys so much for the support. You're all amazing people and I just want to say, once again, I really love you guys like family because that's what you are.