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So called "Friend"

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mayy's picture
on August 4, 2014 - 3:24am

Hey guys, so a while back I posted about my friend Olga on here and how she's awesome and shit and now something's changed.

She doesn't want to be friends anymore.

So we always hang out at school and joke around and have fun, but whenever I try to like text her or make plans, she says she can't talk.
A while back I was feeling really low and I felt so awful about myself when I got my grades and I was having panic attacks and got into a fight with my mum and just...Huh, ya know, so I decided "Well, let me just call Olga and try talking to her, she'll help me,"
So I call, no answer. I then decide to text her and as soon as I sent the text, she replied saying;
"Hey, I'm watching divergent.
I tried talking but she kept saying she couldnt talk so I just decided that maybe shes really busy...but no.

We haven't talked for almost two weeks now and I feel so unloved and alone.
My only friend who even calls me her sister has out of nowhere decided she doesnt want to talk.
Is that normal?
I've always had trouble making and keeping friends throughout my life and now I actually want to stay friends with her but she refuses to talk....
Its not like I dont like her having friends like she does with me but now she just tells me;
"I was talking to Roberta, jealous?"..
Like WTF?
She only talks a little when shes talking to Roberta and that pisses me off.
I'm losing my only friend I actually see.
Another problem is that she's my only female friend apart from two other girls I see who are now back in England.

So nowwwww my sister keeps trying to get me to go on "gal's days" with her and my mum and Olga not knowing Olga wont show up and I just don't want to .
Can you guys help me out?
Should I call off the friendship or should I.....?