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Simple update.

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mayy's picture
on August 3, 2014 - 4:40am

Okay, so the site has been a bit dead lately, but hopefully some of you killjoys are still active and I really appreciate it.
Just wanted to update you guys on what's going on.

So first things first, I'm finishing school this week on Wednesday plus, I got my results back annndd...
I got 86% in Science! From 60%-86%
I'm pretty happy with that ,but I'm still working towards a better grade.

I'm also sick. I don't know if it's medical sickness or because of my depression so can you guys tell me if it's possible to fall sick from anxiety and depression?
Symptoms are;
Liver aches when drinking, stomachaches when eating, headaches and insomnia.
I'm really worried about it and I was hoping maybe someone on here could help me out.
I'm going to the doctor on Friday but until then, I'm doing some research myself.

I want rain!

I also have this little problem;
So my sister keeps calling me 'emo' because I'm kinda quiet around her and I know she's just joking but its really pissing me off now cause of what I'm going through.
Does anyone know how I can stop this?
I also wanted to ask;
Is it normal to act and think differently around some people?
Like, when I'm with my brothers and mum, I act like myself and all but when I'm around my sisters, I act differently.
Especially among my sister I was just talking about because she's married and when I'm with her and my brother-in-law, I feel like I should act all nice and childish, but I act and think COMPLETELY different around my bros.
Is that normal? And also, how can I put myself in that mindset of acting like myself around others?
I'd really appreciate the help.

Thanks guys.

I've been looking for some new music to listen to, so if anyone wants to recommend some...?
Just please not Pierce the veil or Bring me the horizon. (no offense to any of you who like them, they're just not my style)

So far I've downloaded some songs by;
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,Paramore, Panic! at the disco, You me at six , All time low ,Keane and Skillet.

I love their songs.