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Profile apology

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mayy's picture
on August 20, 2014 - 5:07pm

I would just like to write this entry as an apology. An apology for my horrid and ashaming lie.
My age.

So if any of you visited my profile, you will see that it says I am 15, or atleast it DID. But no. I am not 15. I am 13.
My birthday is 12th May 2001 and I am writing this blog to apologize because I feel awful for lying to the same people who have been so nice to me.
But first, I would like to put forth the reason for my action.
You see, I have been suffering from depression and social anxiety for almost 7 years now, and in June 2014, I joined this site to help lose my focus on the things destroying me. I joined to find friends. And I did. Amazing ones in fact. People who I helped ne through so much and I simply lied to. But this sprouted from fear. Fear of being rejected because of my age or being bullied about it and being called "annoying emo 13 year old" as I am by my family. When I joined this site, I was afraid that people would be rude and tell me to f*ck off because "13 year olds can't really be depressed" and so I lied. I lied to the people who helped me through so much and now I feel the need to apologize.
I'm sorry I lied to you, but I was just afraid of rejection. I hope you can forgive me, loves. I thought some people would be rude and judgemental but I was wrong. And Im glad. Because now Im no longer afraid to be honest, but I still hope for forgiveness so please do because Im sorry.
Thank you.