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Movies and social progress

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mayy's picture
on September 2, 2014 - 4:19am

So I've been off this site for about a week now,and have come to the realisation that I CAN'T live without my wonderful family- the mcrmy. I misses seeing all the posts and blogs and talking to you guys so in response to that, I'm back with a quick update because I honestly need somewhere to sadly- complain...about a movie called- Lucy.
Slight spoilers ahead, so if you plan to watch the movie (which I adviae you not to) you might wanna skip the first bit.
So yesterday my sister and her husband took me and my brother to the movies to see the movie "Lucy". Now from what I heard, I expected this movie to be pretty like, average or slightly above, ya know? From first glance, a movie about some lady with synthetic drugs packed in her lower abdomen that give her super strength and make her brain go full on super-human and shit, sounded good, but when I watched it, I felt like I could've used that money to buy a coke and half a pizza. Now, I'm not complaining about how my sister and her husband took us out and all because I actually enjoyed my time out of the house (I know, SHOCKER) and I kinda got over my fear of escalators (won't get into detail because its embaressing) which is a social milestone for me, but instead about the movie because it really SUCKED.
It was "wayyy" too cheesy, it was boring and had a bad ending which was- *SPOILER ALERT*
She turns into some weird gooey "computer" and is supposedly "everywhere". Yes. Horrible movie.
But besides that, I had fun. Mainly because there was junk food involved and because I kinda made some progress in relation to my social anxiety. I mean, I did have around 5 panic attacks within 6 hours but I got out of the house and did something. Plus I talked to this russian girl (though she mostly did the talking because my russian is slightly rusty) about this movie called into the storm and I actually said a few sentences. YAY. I'm not sure if thats something to be proud of because it wasn't like a full on conversation, but I keep telling myself it was and that I'm making progress. And it also reminded me that I need to improve on my russian because I basically just nodded and said "ah" or. "da" to everything, so if any of my fellow russians see this, (or if you know some russian) pleassssee help me out.
I was slightly disapointed because my brother kept telling me how awkward I was and how I was being weird, but I tried my best so screw that.
I think I made progress even though they were tiny details (or atleast I keep lying to myself that I did). I mean, I don't know how to act in public but when I act how I feel like acting, my brother is like;
"You know doing that won't make you less awkward, you just look more awkard" and it really bums me out. I just act how I feel I should act and he shoots me down. Huh...anyway, I'm still gonna keep trying to beat my anxiety and start leaving the house more. Though last time I felt nauseuos and past out during an anxiety attack so if anyone can give me some advice on preventing that, I'd appreciate it.
Also, this isn't important but just feel like telling you guys that yesterday some weird guy with shaggy long hair and a beard was stalking me and my brother. He was like sitting away from us and like staring at us while eating potato chips (I SWEAR it was SOOO creepy) and wouldn't turn away. Then he followed us into the theatre, disappeared (wouldn't be surprised if he sat in the row behind us) and then re-appeared RIGHT BEHIND US on the escalator. It was really weird, but hilarious.
So yes,all in all, the movie sucked, I had numerous panic attacks but made soe progress hopefully, and was stalked for around 2 hours.
So thanks for reading this pointless blog, and tell me, if you have seen lucy, what did you think? I DON'T GET IT. Just...ugh..whatever.
Anyway, as always much love to you mcrmy.