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mayy's picture
on September 2, 2014 - 1:16pm

So a few days back we moved into our new house. Its pretty good considering now we dont need to pay rent anymore so thats good. Except we dont have electricity upstairs or doors in our rooms so thats a downside. That and the fact that my parents REFUSE to paint my room the color i want. Now this isnt a BIG problem but it really bugs me. So the other day we were picking out colors for our rooms and my dad was like, "so what colour?" and when I told him he didn't mind and was like, "ok" so i thought i was going to have a nice blue room. FUCKING WRONG.
He and my "oh so precious mother" who fucking refuses to let me dress how i want, act how i want and do what i want, decided that "oh no, thats an ugly colour, lets change it" and changed to BABY BLUE. FUCKING BABY BLUE. And now my room looks like some annoying preppy eight year old designed it. I know its their house and they built it but this is MY room. I'M going to sleep there so why do they care. Its really annoying when my dad is like "oh yeah individuality" and then fucking goes ahead to pick out the colour for MY ROOM. And this isnt the first time something like this has happened. When it comes to clothes, I have NO SAY. I get yelled at and made fun of and called names when i wear
what i want so now, im stuck as the blacksheep of the family (which i dont mind considering i like how i am and like being different)
So yeah...another pointless blog and shit but whatcha gonna do?
Thanks for reading.