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mayy's picture
on August 23, 2014 - 11:37am

So Hey , I'm back!
Sorry that I've been offline for a while, just dealing with some stuff at home, but now I'm back. Yay!
So I didn't do much this week, I sat at home and listened to music, like always. I've also, became a bit obssessed with skillet over the past few days, which I'm pretty happy about. Atleast I have something to do, right?
Also, I saw Gee's no show's videos and I'm SOO HAPPY! I loved it and I love his new sound. Excited for what's next.
Also, Ray recently put up his website updating us on whats going on so, yeah. Check it out.

I'm having a pretty average holiday, except for the excessive boredom and the random panic attacks I get from thinking about school, but besides that, I guess its fine. Just a bit bored from sitting at home for 6 weeks, so incase you have any fun things I can do at home to recomend, be my guest.
So yeah....just a short update. Tell me what you're up to, MCRmy.
Also, goodluck to those of you back in school. I wish you the best.