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Boredom strikes again.

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mayy's picture
on July 7, 2014 - 6:36am

Hey guys, so I was just scrolling through the blogs when I finally found something to do, Yay!
Hope you guys will try this out too.

1) Favorite food?
Pizza, ice cream and oreos

2) Best childhood memory?
Hmmm... Well, not really childhood
but 2 years or so back, me, my
family and brother in law went
to pick my sis up at the airport
and my brother in law, my brother
and I decided to buy chocolate
and play hide and seek and
other games in the
airport as we waited for my sis
and we did that for like 2 hours
so, yeah.. Oooh and it was nice
and cold at 3am.

3) Favorite animal?
Pandas or dogs

4) Favorite color?
Blue or green

5) Top 3 movies?
Uughhh so many to choose from.
Okay uhm,
1# - Matrix (part 1 &2 only)
2# - Constantine
3# - The internship

6) Top 5 musical artists/bands?
1# - My Chemical Romance (duh)
2# - Three Days Grace
3# - Deathcab for cutie
4# - Gungor
5# - Coldplay

7) Favorite piece of clothing that you
own and why?
Currently, it's Probably some maroon
T shirt my brother gave me and
reason being it just looks nice :)

8) Pet peeve(s)?
Hmmm probably when people make
fun of me for what I'm like and my

9) Season/time of year you like the
I live in Africa so here it's always
summer but when I went to Russia
I really loved the winter so there's
your answer.

10) Do you need or have glasses and/
or contact lenses?
Yes, I wear glasses SOMETIMES
because I'm short sighted but I'm
planning on getting contacts.
(I hate my glasses)