Who cares!!!!

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Who cares!!!!

Many names are new. The scene is new. Many of you came after the news was broken. Many of us who were already here, left. Many of the old fighters are dead, if not physically, mentally. This, friends, is how a Killjoy dies.

When we have no more friends left to write the grafitti on our graves. When we stop singing the words that keep us alive. When we run out of time to live forever. When we stop shouting "WHO CARES?!!!" Atfer "Well the good guys die, and the bad guys win."

But for those of you still here, let me remind you what it is we fought for:

We fought for what came beyond freedom. We fought with our fists in our pockets. For every person who was too afraid to fight for themselves. Our goal was to create, destroy, and make something worth dying for. And to show those too afraid what is. To see how far our voices could stretch. And how high our notes could ring into the cold dead streets of the cities night. We were believes of something worth dying for.

And though were grown older, I still believe we're believers tonight.

Xoxo- Danger Dust