Welcome It With Open Arms

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Welcome It With Open Arms

I wrote this powen to kindof help me get over the fact of Danger Days ending. Im exited for new things but its sad to see the things you love go. I hope you like it.

The journal of a Killjoy.

August 31st 2021--

Even now was the dust makes me cough,
I still remember the days of our past.
But now we're running hoping we wont die off.

I remember when it all started.
On a day of catastrophe.
The lives of over 3000 had departed.

A man stood there, watching it all.
Seeing the world for what it was.
He couln't beleive it as he watched them fall.

Scared in the mind,
He hoped that writing a song,
Would help his troubles unwind.

He called his friends, his brother too.
Holding a paper, Skylines And Turnstiles.
And so it was, out of the blue.

The storys they wrote changed a few.
They brought us back to life.
And made us someone new.

Then they showed the world.
Just what we meant.
Leaving our minds in a whirl.

They showed us what its like,
No not be okay.
Most of all they showed us how to fight.

Then they gave us our greatest test.
Showing a place where our insides were ripped.
And in the end we surrendered our bulletproof vests.

But one day it happened.
They came along with their guns.
And brought along the damage.

They killed the world and almost everyone.
Made it a wasteland.
And killed all the pure fun.

So we had to kill theirs.
As they chased us down.
Eventually we laughed with no cares.

So this is where we are.
20 years later. (its really 10 but again, diary of a KILLJOY aka 2019 era)
From the day we watched them fall.

We never knew if we lost the war.
But slowly we're dying.
And leaving our corpse.

For the fith time.
We will be born again.
Maybe without so much crime.

I still remember who I am.
No matter how fast we change.
Even as I lean on this rock in the sand.

I grasp my jacket tight.
Even though its usually far too hot.
I can feel the tempture change to something not quite right.

Right past my face,
I could have sworn.
That I saw a snowflake.

I think about all the friends ive made.
And I wonder what grafiti they will write on my grave.

Maybe it will be me.
Who will come along.
And draw it on my stone over a tree.

Its changing so fast.
I'll admit im scared.
But it's time for it to be the past.

We'll never forget.
Thats the point.
So we shoul'nt fret.

It's time to learn another lesson.
As we go through uncharted grounds.
So that when we're older we can recon.

All the things that were done.
So we can write a story for our own.

My eyes begin to close so slow.
I think this will be.
Where we begin and start to grow.
In this desert, I can see it snow.

It's been so long.
So I welcome it with open arms.
Knowing they will never bring us harm.