Is it really that bad?

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Is it really that bad?

Well thease past few weeks have been a piece of crap. All my dad has done is basically sleep, and speak of the devil, he's sleeping right now. And its 1:10; in the afternoon. Then theres my Ma, who can't stand the way I am. (always headbanging, air0guitaring, singing, dancing, drawing, and everything else) The past few weeks have been making me a zombie. As in, No singing, dancing, headbanging, everythingaboutme; stuff. But im back Yay! And my parents are still apathetic. -_-

But I figured, that since im on here, I should get more friends than two people. So, anyone feel like talking or anything? Free friend! XD


So my birthday is in a few days. And guess how im going to spend it? Running around a highschool filling out papers and all the things we hate about school prep! But its okay, Im getting kidnaped so....

So, I do play bass now. But is it normal to still crave instruments? I guess it makes you feel a little horrible about it when you already have two and, well you could guess the rest.
So what, now I want an electric guitar; is it really that bad? Is it?