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Put your music playing device on shuffle and answer me these...

Song that will be covered by My Chemical Romance on their new album?
Decode by Paramore

Frank bursts out of your locker and begins to sing:
Love Is Dangerous by Blink-182

You peek into MCR's dressing room and Bob is lip-syncing this song into the hair dryer:
Certain by Set Your Goals

Ray's fro starts transmitting radio frequencies! The song it picks up is:
Up All Night by Blink-182

Mikey slips the wrong tape in the P.A. system in the "I'm Okay" video! This song blares instead:
Can't Catch Me by Neo Geo

Gee decided to sing Bandit to sleep with:
Dark Dreams by Blood On The Dance Floor ( That would give her amazing dreams o.o)

Song for running away from MCR security dudes?
All Signs Point To Lauderdale by A Day To Remember