Love on The Road Chapter 5 part 2 fan fic

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Love on The Road Chapter 5 part 2 fan fic

sorry I had to stop... I got kicked of the computer...

I started crying "My ex keeps asking me out and I tell him no everytime he just doesn't understand"

"Babe don't let that get to you"

I hugged Frankie and sniffled "I won't"

I cleared my eyes of tears and me and Frankie walked out of the room. I saw Becca so I walked to her but I think I lost Frankie but thats okay that ment privacy talking to Becca.

"Hey Becca" I said

"Hey Ang" Becca said

"Anthony asked me out again" I whispered in her ear

"That bastard!" Becca screamed " He doesn't understand that you dumped him because he two timed you that little ass face bastard"

"Shhh Becca, Ray is passed out next to you" I said "Anyways I cried when I told ...Frankie" I turned around and Frank walked in "Hi Frank"

"Whatcha talkin bout" Frankie asked

"The incedent earlier" I answered

"What I don't get a 'Hey Becca' or a 'Hi'

"Hi Becca" giggled Frankie

"Hi!" Becca giggled

"Is there any breakfast?" I asked

"Yup your dad's making eggs" Frankie said

"Let's hope he doesn't burn them" I giggled

I walked out and got my breakfast and ate it.

Wow this chapter was so disoriented :D hahaha well next chapter will be amazing there will be a kiss let's put it at that :D