Love on The Road

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Love on The Road

After I ate I got dressed and straightened my curly hair. Then Becca got ready. I curled Becca's wavy hair. I walked out of our room and everyone was getting ready. Uncle Mikey was straightening his hair,dad was doing his makeup, Ray was brushing his jew fro and Frankie was looking for a shirt to wear. Becca walked away to do makeup on. So I walked up to Frankie and picked out an orange shirt and told him he should wear this. He looked up and smiled then took off his shirt and switched it with the orange one.

"Babe you look amazing" said Frankie

I heard dad drop something "Thanks frankie so don't you" I walked over to my dad "something wrong"

"No" said dad " You'd tell me if you were dating someone right"

"Yea dad of course I would" I said in a low tone and gave dad a hug. All of a sudden I heard someone playing guitar.... I ran to the bedroom and saw Becca and Frankie playing guitar.

"Where's my guitar Frankie" I said

" Next stop I'll by you one" said Frankie

"Oh you don't have to" He cut me off

"I don't have to I want to" Frankie said

"I think dad thinks were going out" I blushed and laughed

"Wow but wouldn't you tell you dad if you were" said Becca

"Yea but thing is... Becca come here I have to say something secretive" she got close " I Wish we were dating" I whispered

"Ahhhh I see" said Becca

"Secrets don't make friends" said Frankie

I laughed "hey can I talk to Frankie alone"

"Yea" Becca said and walked away

I got closer to Frankiew and Frankie touched my face. Our faces got closer... Then the bus stopped as our lips touched.... This kiss felt like it was going to last forever.... Until Becca walked in....

"I'm going to take it as you guys are going out" said becca

"I don't know are we babe" asked Frankie

"Yea" then I kissed him again " Yea we are"